Orange Daze

Top  - Primark / Jeans - Primark / Jacket - eBay / Scarf - Topshop / Shoes - eBay 

In the last few days, the weather in the UK has been dreary and drab, so I decided to cheer myself up with a pop of colour to my outfit - and it most definitely made a difference to my mood! I have been loving this pair of orange jeans recently as they really are a head turner. Everyone says about Primark jeans being of poor quality, but I have owned this pair for years and they have served me well so far. I have styled them up with this inked denim jacket, which is hugely oversized (obsessed!) and my wedged trainers which always adds a sports luxe vibe to any outfit and so much coolness. It may seem a bit out of character for this time of year to be layering, but I'm finding it a brilliant transitional outfit to take over to autumn! 

I x