5 Tips to Conquer Depressive Thoughts

At some point in their lives, everyone goes through a period where they are not feeling themselves due to stress, work or even just life in general. It definitely takes its toll on us all sometimes. Recently, I have been going through a period where I have felt this way. I have felt bored, hopeless, useless and even fed up. I have gone through a time where I have not been motivated to do anything somedays and felt uninspired in terms of creative ideas with my uni work and this blog. Sometimes you need advice in order to pick yourself up again and get through this - and it works, honestly! I got inspired to write this post as I wished I got this advice sooner and you can live life to the fullest again!

1. Think Positively. 
I know it sounds a bit cliche, but honestly, it works. Think of all the things in your life that you are thankful for, whether that be a supportive family, good friends or that you have aced that last exam! Whatever it is, take a moment to really be grateful for what you have. 

2. Talk About Your Feelings.
I know it may seem like a hard thing to do - I mean the last thing you want to do is express to your best friend about how depressed you are and feel sorry for yourself. They will give you advice on how to amend the situation and how to feel better. I know it seems scary, but after all they are the people closest to you so will therefore understand. They have probably been in a similar situation as well but  have felt too embarrassed to mention it - so talk!

3. Get Outside. 
This is one thing that really helps your general wellbeing. It doesn't have to be a 5 mile trek! Only a small walk of 20 minutes in the fresh air will really help to boost your morale and you will also be getting fit in the process! Spending days indoors staring at a screen will not help you mentally. 

4. Eat a Healthier Diet. 
Swap that Dominos order for a salad filled with lots of nutrients and vitamins and honestly you will feel the benefits right away. You won't get as drowsy early on in the evening and you will have more energy as a result. It doesn't mean you have to do this everyday, just gradually introduce healthier foods into your diet and you will feel a lot better in yourself. 

5. Plan a Day Out with Your Best Friend. 
This is an obvious one, but going out and socialising really does boost your mood and make you happier. It's easy to want to sit in all day with Netflix but it is good to see people sometimes and not be a total recluse! 

Hopefully this will help you to gain a sense of wellbeing again and realise you are BEAUTIFUL! You can do this!

I x