How to Be Confident and Not Compare Yourself to Others

It does take a long time to become confident within yourself - whether that be what you look like naked or if you are beautiful enough within the current society of photoshopped models and celebrities. I have literally just gotten comfortable with it myself. It is so hard to stop thinking things like 'I wish I had Kylie Jenner's lips' or 'I would love to have Taylor Swift's lengthy pins'. Everyone has body parts that they are not happy with, you aren't the minority! I struggled for years with my stomach, convinced that it wasn't flat enough and I looked fat despite eating any more than anyone else! A few years later, I am comfortable with the idea of wearing crop tops and showing my belly button! You will feel the same eventually, trust me! 

But you don't need a random celebrity's features to be beautiful in your own right. Instead, divert your thoughts. Maybe think more about more curvy celebrities that rock their shape such as Beyonce or Demi Lovato.  

Everyone is also different within the style choices they make on a daily basis. It is up to you what you choose to wear, not anyone else. If someone else doesn't like what you wear, they can sod off. After all, its your style, not theirs. If you want to change up the style of look you express every so often, that is okay too! It has definitely took me a while to find my own personal style, but now that I have I feel better than ever. I have finally found myself, and you can too!

You have got to remember that beauty is not what defines you anyway - it is more to do with your personal achievements and goals that are most important in your life, not how you look or what other people do. It is also difficult though to not compare yourself to others in a similar situation to you in life and look how much more intelligent they are or if they can do certain things better... All of that doesn't matter. It's what YOU do that counts most of all, just think about that.

Everyone isn't perfect. Everyone has flaws, whether that be physically or personality wise. So whenever you start to compare yourself to one of your friends or a classmate, think about however perfect they may seem to you on the outside - they have insecurities and fears just like you. Yes, they may be able to complete a task better than you can but you have strengths in other areas. You deserve your place on a course just as much as they do. That person may seem more outgoing and confident than you, but you can improve this if you just believe in yourself. You won't be the exact same as anyone else in this world, and that is totally fine. You wouldn't want to be!

At the end of the day, EVERYONE is BEAUTIFUL. Don't forget that. 

I x