Hello everyone, and welcome to 2014!

Did you bring out the champers last night or did you manage to say sober?! My New Year's Eve consisted of sitting at home with the parents watching Gary Barlow's New Year's Eve concert and the Jools Holland thing on telly - which was very good by the way! However, I found it slightly irritating when some girls in the audience kept looking around to see Niall Horan in the upper circle rather than focusing on Mr Barlow... Not that I have anything against One Direction, I don't... I mean I like them! 

I also watched the fireworks when it stroke twelve. They were very impressive and magnificent, with fireworks managing to explode left, right and centre in direction. I really would love to be able to travel to London and get there early enough to be able to witness seeing the wonders of light go off in full swing, but if I ever will, that's another thing. I just wonder every year how much money they spend on them every time! I bet you could see the light and colour that they were giving off from several miles away. 
Anyway this is going to be a short post as I was one of those sad souls that stayed in on New Year. I'd love to know what you all got up to though, leave me a comment below! :) 

Speak on my next blog post guys... byeeeeee!!

Hope you all had a wonderfully amazing New Year! Unfortunately I didn't, as I am one of those sad people who stay at home. I was planning to go out though, but it did not work out.. damn :( Oh well, there is always next year! 

I x