Summer Nights

We have actually had good weather for the last few days in England (it took long enough!) After spending every day catching a few rays being out and about, me and my family decided to have a barbecue last night on the beautiful moors, which are situated not far from where I live. It is a tradition for us to go up here a couple of times every summer season. It definitely beats sitting in the back garden of your house. The scenery there is absolutely stunning and cannot be missed!

Even at 5PM the weather was glorious with temperatures still sitting at around 22 degrees, even though the strength of the sun had died down. After travelling for what would have been 10 minutes, we unloaded the car of deckchairs, a table, the disposable barbecue and of course, the food! After basking in the temperature for a while, the smoky scent of the food cooking drifted up into the clouds above us. 

When the weather is like this, it really makes you want to venture outside and explore the world. You really take things like this for granted when you are inside, stuck to your laptop screen. The scenery around us was so splendid, and it is just on our doorstep. I think only a total of 3 cars went past us during our evening on the moors, which was blissful. I will definitely make a point of aiming to visit this place more!

I x