DIY: Last Minute Christmas Decorations

Thought I would make this week's blog post have a little Christmas feel to it seeing as it is now in the early hours of Christmas Day!
Yippee! The other week I created some of my own Christmas decorations which can either be placed on the tree or hung up around the house to add a bit of extra Christmas cheer! It is very simple to do, and takes about 5-10 minutes per decoration depending on the detail you choose to put on them! This is only a guide, you can include whatever you wish to on your decorations!

You will need:

* Some plain baubles/decorations that have a string attached to hang
* String or ribbon of some kind if the decorations are stringless!
* Decorative glittery stickers
* Range of festive coloured ribbons, which are of different thicknesses
* Glitter glue of several colours
* PVA glue

There is no real step-by-step guide to do this, you just decorate the plain decorations how you wish using the above items! I made mine for a Christmas craft fayre at my uni, but you can just put yours in your home and spread the festive cheer! Below are some pics of the ones I created for some inspiration if you require it!

Have a lovely Christmas!

I x