Single Review: Rihanna ft. Drake - Work

Barbadian beauty Rihanna has released a highly anticipated follow up-single to the previous 'American Oxygen' at the end of last year.
The new single called 'Work' which features high-profile rapper Drake, is definitely the start of a completely different musical direction for the star.
As American Oxygen' had more of a dubstep based sound, I would say that 'Work' probably would not seem out of place in a Jamaican bar.

I have to admit I was a really big Rihanna fan back in the day, but being honest I am finding her most recent releases to be fairly poor compared to her past hits such as 'SOS' and 'Disturbia'. Obviously Rihanna, with every musical artist needs to have a shift in genre every so often to keep modern and fresh and that she wants to keep in tune with her roots, but I would go as far to say that this song is her worst release to date. Lyrically it is so bad, leaving not much to the imagination.

In terms of the beat, it is so incredibly monotonous that you feel you are being hypnotised by Rihanna herself! I have to admit though, Drake's rapping expertise does fit in with the song in some way or another and definitely helps to keep the urban feel of the song.

Overall rating: 2/10

All I'm going to say is please do better next time Rihanna, please!

I x