This is Halloween

Totally did not use a Marilyn Manson reference there! This is halloween, this is halloween...

My pretty/scary candy skull Halloween make-up attempt! 

Creepy faces in the mirror! 

Gemma's scary pose... ahhh! 

I love this picture so much, Gemma actually looks like she's really angry at me for no reason! 

Halloween was a great time for me, I spent quality time with one of my closest friends from home for the evening (and part of the next day!) We spent our evening perfecting our make-up skills! I opted for a candy skull type look with a creepy, revolting mouth and my friend, Gemma chose a more gory option, trying to recreate the Chelsea smile! To create the revolting bits around the mouth, we made some actual fake skin! It was the weirdest stuff, literally turning from liquid to solid in 5 seconds so you had to be quick when applying it; it must have taken more than an hour to get it to stay on our faces! In the end, we used PVA glue which actually helped a lot! 

I hope you liked our Halloween make-up attempts and I would love to know how you spent your Halloween evening! Which one of ours is your favourite scary look?! 

I x