Life as an Intern in London

Last Friday was the final day of my one month long internship in central London. My role for the month was working as a Campaign Manager for The Blogger Programme. I had such a great experience working there, meeting new people and because I was required to live there during my time within the office, I also had to adjust to city life. That is very difficult when you come from a small village in North Cornwall, which has probably around 4,000 occupants compared to the millions in London.. but I managed it! 

It definitely is a whole different experience living in the hustle and bustle of the urban streets to staying there on a city break for a couple of nights in a nice hotel. Even though I love London to pieces, nearing the end of my time there I did find myself to get awfully anxious, panicky and stressed about the whole living situation and having to rush everywhere - so not all of it was sunshine to be honest! However, I eventually beat my anxiety and thought positively and everything was okay in the end. 

In terms of the actual work I did there, I was in charge finding and organising bloggers of all genres to go to events and sponsorships, as well as helping my colleagues with any jobs they wanted assistance with in their separate fields within the company. I was also regularly searching for social media stats for featured bloggers on campaigns I worked on as well as helping to find potential brands for future opportunities. I always had something to do and I loved it! The whole reputation of being an intern and having rough treatment was not true at all, well in my case. Of course, I ran small errands like getting a coffee for a colleague, but I was actually doing work for the company, so there was some importance.

 I loved the idea that I was solely independent with the work I did and didn't have to have someone to hold my hand through the experience. I really hate the idea of being baby fed through things. In all honesty though, I have never felt so welcomed into a new place in all my life, every single person that I worked with was absolutely lovely. I would go back there in a heartbeat. 

On my last day of working there it was so emotional! My colleagues kindly handed me a farewell card and a box of chocolates, which was incredibly appreciated! It was really sad to leave the office, but I have learned a lot from the experience I had and will definitely use the skills I developed during my time there in the future after I graduate next June (eek!).

What made the experience a whole lot more enjoyable was the great range of stylish office furniture that featured within my workspace, including the comfortable office chairs, modern office storage and clean and tidy desks. They all definitely played their individual part in making my time within the company so much more comforting and homely - certainly helped to cure my home sickness!

I am in a really great position right now, as I cannot wait to see what the future holds and I can say that after 21 years of being on this planet, I finally know what career choice I am aiming for in my later years and that really excites me, and drives me to pursue my passions. 

I have to say that even though I miss London so much, but on a happy note, it is now only a week until I am back again in the smoke on my next adventure. I am going to start to gather research for my final year uni project (yay!) I will be actually sticking to a blogging schedule as of this weekend. I am going to be uploading a new blog post every Sunday at 6PM UK time, so keep an eye out for the next one as well as ones in the future! 

I x