Welcome to 2015!

Hey guys,

2014 has been a whirlwind of highs and lows for me.
The highs include finishing my Extended Diploma with 3 Distinction grades, which led me to get into university (finally!) I guess this is what happens when you knuckle down and work hard! I have met so many great people whilst being there this first semester, some whom I think will be friends for life. The nights out have been phenomenal! Who never knew a students union would be so good?! In addition to this, the nights out with old school friends at home have also been great! The last day of the year was spent with my closest friends in a pub in my local town!

In addition to this, the course has been excellent so far! However, the 7th of this month is approaching so quickly... it is scary. My first semesters' worth of coursework will be handed in... eek! I have felt very inspired to think more about the subject I am studying and the different ideas I could create as well as further developing my artistic skills!

However, this year hasn't always had its highs... Without going too much into it, I split up with my boyfriend in October, whom I had been with for just over a year. I think university drifted us apart to be honest, as he was in a completely different world of work to a student like me. Life suddenly got so much more hectic and busy for me, and our relationship just couldn't keep up sadly. But maybe this wasn't such a bad thing? Life moves on. In addition to this, my Grandad died this summer. This really shook us up as a family as it meant that my Nan was left to cope alone with only friends and other family to turn to. It was a hard few months for her, but she seems to be coping alright now thankfully. 

Anyway, I want to end this post on a high note. I am entirely grateful for all the positive things which have happened to me this year and here is to a wonderful 2015!

 Happy New Year everyone!

I x