Single Review: The Vamps - I Found a Girl

The Vamps are one of the hottest boy-bands in the UK right now, without question.
They have managed to make their mark on America too, which is definitely a big achievement for these lads.
After their debut album 'Meet the Vamps' stormed to the top of the charts a couple of years ago now, they have returned with their second release named 'Wake Up', which looks to be another smasher! Their third track to be released from the new album is called 'I Found a Girl.' 

I listened to this song the other day, and I have to admit it is fantastically brilliant. It has the ingredients for a perfect pop song; a jolly melody, a catchy chorus and good vocals. This song ticks the boxes on all three factors for sure! Lyrically, the song appears to be about the lead singer's attraction for a girl who has moved into the flat next door to him and he gets infatuated. However, it goes wrong and she tells him that she's 'not into guys', indicating to the listener that she is in fact, a lesbian. As the song goes on, you witness his story and his eagerness for her to be his girlfriend, but she refuses. Definitely pulls at the heart strings!

Overall, I really love this song! It is so catchy and it features a different lyric matter compared to their competition which is certainly refreshing. After the first listen, I was guilty of replaying the track multiple times! It is already stuck in my head. I would recommend it to anyone! Listen to the track below:

Overall rating: 9/10

This track is great, and I will be giving it a lot more listens in the future!

I x