Quiz Clothing: Current Favourites

I have been a lover of Quiz Clothing for a long, long time after picking up a couple of bits from a store whilst I was visiting family a few years ago now.
They just are very on-trend and current, fashionable, modern and feminine! The pieces are also extremely affordable and inexpensive. I am going to show you five of my current favourite clothing items from this brand, ahhh, I freaking love them! 

Wine Floral Print Dress

1) I love this first dress, due to the crossed strap detail as well as the tropical print on the dress. I think it's really eye-catching and noticeable! I love how it's so flattering on the body also! This would be a great holiday look! 

Black And Gold Glitter Print Midi Dress

2) This dress just screams glamour and femininity to me! I mean who wouldn't like this dress?! I am also a massive fan of the midi styled skirts and dresses that are on trend at present. This would be a great night out outfit, complete with silver jewellery and accessories. This dress is just fabulous! (I could rave about it all day!) 

Teal And Coral Flower Print Skater Dress

3) This dress is so me! It's bright, eye-catching and floaty. This would work well as a great day-piece in the summer days teamed with a pair of white sandals. It could also be jazzed up for the night with a pair of classic black heels! So versatile and I love it! 

White And Multi Colour Aztec Print Dress

4) This dress is AMAZING! I really love the style, as well as the pattern and colours used! Can I just own this please?! It is fantastic! This is also quite a versatile statement piece, as you could wear it well both in the day and night time. I think it would look great with a tough looking leather jacket and cleated sole platform boots! 

Fuschia Chiffon Flower Print Fringe Kimono

5) This is my fifth and final current favourite from Quiz Clothing! Kimonos are so IN right now, everyone's wearing them! I currently own a monochrome floral kimono, so this one would be a perfect addition to my wardrobe. It would jazz up a plain looking outfit in an instant! I love the really tropical feel about it also and the tassles are a great addition. YES PLEASE!

So there is my five current favourites from Quiz Clothing's current line. I really hope you enjoyed reading this, please leave a comment and follow me if you wish! Below are the links to the Quiz Clothing main website and the five items I have mentioned above in case you want to check them out and purchase!

I x

Quiz Website: http://www.quizclothing.co.uk/

Item 1: Wine Floral Print Dress - WAS £22.99, NOW £14.99 (http://www.quizclothing.co.uk/clothes/00100003457.html)

Item 2: Black and Gold Glitter Print Midi Dress - £24.99 (http://www.quizclothing.co.uk/clothes/00100003623.html)

Item 3: Teal and Coral Flower Print Skater Dress - £26.99 (http://www.quizclothing.co.uk/clothes/00100003835.html)

Item 4: White and Multi Colour Aztec Print Dress - WAS £24.99, NOW £14.99 (http://www.quizclothing.co.uk/clothes/00100003178.html)

Item 5: Fuschia Chiffon Flower Print Fringe Kimono - £24.99 (http://www.quizclothing.co.uk/clothes/00100003613.html)