Shop Dixi Review

So, I finally bought some gorgeous jewellery pieces from Shop Dixi that I absolutely adore so I decided to share these with you.
Hope you like them as much as I do!! (ahhh!)

I firstly love the gorgeous dainty branded bags the jewellery came in, I think they are lovely and a really nice way to present the pieces.

I had to be really careful when trying to unpeel this sticker to unwrap the package, I didn't want to rip it, it was so perfect! 

Tried to do a professional close-up shot of the horseshoe necklace, but it failed miserably :( But I decided to include it within my post anyway for you guys to see! I lurvveee the studded detail on this piece in particular! 

I thought the business card was so pretty also, I just had to include it in my blog, such an effective image has been used.

I have had an obsession with Shop Dixi for what seems like a lifetime, so I put some of my wages from work to use and bought these beautiful pieces! Obviously all the things that I have featured within this blog post are not all from Shop Dixi, but this is my outfit for the day so have chose to pair some of these pieces with some items I had previously bought! 

I am very satisfied with the pieces I have purchased from them, and will certainly continue to buy from them in the future, quick delivery as well! I was surprised by how dainty the items were, which is perfect as I can use them to layer up with other jewellery bits and create spectularly styled outfits! 

What piece do you like best from the items I have bought, and I would love to hear what pieces you have bought from this amazing brand! :)

I x

LINKS: **Note all of these items were bought on their recent 80K Sale page, so the links that I have managed to still find will be subject to availability.

1st Image:

1. The Lucky One Horse Shoe Necklace - £2: Sold Out 
2. Yin Yang Necklace - Silver - £5: Sold Out 
3. Tattoo Choker Necklace Black - £3: Sold Out

2nd Image:

1. Moon Child Midi Ring Rose Gold - £5: Sold Out (but they have a really cool thing where they can notify you when the item is back in stock, so I've given you the link to do that if you wish to buy! <3
2. Blue Stoned Midi Ring - £2.50: Matalan (I don't have a link for this, as I don't think it's available online - sorry!)
3. Gold Pyramid Studded Ring - £5 for set of 4 (I think, but don't quote me on that!): New Look. This one was included in a set that I bought in October last year! 

3rd Image:

1. Bronze Wishbone Midi Ring - £5: Sold Out

4th Image:

 1. Xavier Necklace *Colour Selection - Gunmetal Bronze & Red - £5: Sold Out