Rings O' Plenty (featuring Miss Selfridge)

Hey guys,

So I decided to purchase (more!) rings to add to my growing jewellery collection!
I bought these three beauties all last week when I've been out. I just couldn't help myself! (typical...)

This ring is actually a mood ring (!!) It instantly brought me back to my childhood when mood rings were the in thing for children to have and everyone had them! I love the celtic style of this ring and the pretty colours that emerge when detecting your mood.

The shape of this ring intriqued me most, reminds me a lot of a teardrop in its shape. The dark grey/black colour of the stone within it is so beautiful too... I just couldn't resist! 

The third ring that I bought I absolutely adore. The shape and thickness is very vintage and old looking, but I love it. The stone is a lovely aqua in colour, but the colour is not solid which makes it a really timeless piece.

1st Image: Celtic Style Mood Ring - £3.50 (I think!)-  Sadly, I couldn't get the link for this as I got it from an independent little gift shop in the coastal village of Boscastle, Cornwall after picking up my remaning work wages. The shop is called Crafty Hand Made Gifts on Bridge Walk.

2nd Image: Grey Catseye Ring - £6.50 - Miss Selfridge: Sold Out

3rd Image: Turquoise Oval Ring - ON SALE AT £2.50 - Miss Selfridge: Sorry no link online available for this I'm afraid! 

I hope you enjoyed looking at my most recent jewellery purchases and love them as much as I do! Check out the link I supplied and check out this beautiful piece and purchase if you like :) Again, I'm terribly sorry I couldn't manage to find links for the other two pieces. Which is your favourite of the pieces I have featured?

I x