New Look Haul: Autumn/Winter 2014

Such a staple piece, I have wanted a plain black blazer for a longgggg time! 

 I love the colour of this blazer! 

 Sorry about the creases in the shirt! 

Eeek! I love tartan so much right now! 

 I love statement necklaces so much, they can add a real touch of glitz and glamour to an otherwise plain outfit such as a LBD! 

Shirt (item not available online) - First AlternativeSecond Alternative

This is what I have picked up from my nearest New Look store in the last couple of months! I hope you like the pieces as much as I do! I'm really sorry that I couldn't provide all of the links to the items I bought, as I did buy the shirt in late September.

I would love to know what your favourite piece is and what you are purchasing! 

I x