Bonfire Night

I went to a bonfire night celebrations evening in my local town on the 5th November. It was soooo good (but cold... brrr!) Winter was definitely on the horizon then, and most certainly is now! :( There were lots of people there, most of which were local! They had all different sorts of activities and events going on, including a performance by this year's X Factor stars, The Brooks! (I have no idea why they would choose to come here!) Unfortunately, I didn't get to see them live, as me and my friend decided to be cheapskates and not pay the £5 entry to get into the main field! Therefore, we stood just outside the rugby ground eating cheesy chips from the chippy - mmm! The main fireworks display lasted for about 25 minutes and was so pretty, but loud! It was so hard to take photos of the fireworks as they were let off so quickly, but I did manage to capture a few decent shots! After that. we went back and watched Home Alone with a cup of hot lemon and honey with the heating turned up - perfect end to a beautiful evening! 

I would love to know what you got up to for bonfire night and if any famous people appeared at your event! 

I x